Welcome to Sri Pundrik Maharaj Shri’s Amritsar Peeth, a divine sanctuary that encompasses the magnificent Chadbhuj Mahaprabhu Temple and a serene Gaushala. With open doors and warm hearts, our peeth welcomes one and all.


At Amritsar Peeth, we celebrate the union of spirituality and service. Our beautiful Chadbhuj Mahaprabhu Temple stands as a testament to devotion, inviting visitors to bask in the divine presence and seek solace in their spiritual journey.


Deeply committed to uplifting the underprivileged, our peeth offers free space for weddings, allowing couples from disadvantaged backgrounds to experience the sacred bond of matrimony without financial burdens. We believe that love knows no barriers, and through this act of kindness, we strive to bring joy and blessings to those in need.


Amritsar Peeth proactively extends its support to the community by providing medical and educational aid to those who require assistance. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to identify and address the needs of individuals, ensuring they have access to vital resources for their well-being and growth.


Embracing the spirit of learning and empowerment, the Amritsar Gaushala holds regular Vedic classes for the youth, enlightening them with the profound wisdom of the scriptures. These classes serve as a platform for the younger generation to connect with their cultural heritage and understand the values that shape their lives.


The peeth also resonates with the joyous melodies of kirtans and enlightening kathas, inviting the entire community to participate and experience the transformative power of devotional music and spiritual discourses.


Step into Sri Pundrik Maharaj Shri’s Amritsar Peeth and immerse yourself in a world of spirituality, service, and inclusivity. Join us as we strive to make a positive impact on lives through acts of kindness, knowledge sharing, and the celebration of divinity.