Welcome to Sri Pundrik Maharaj Shri’s Jalandhar Peeth, a sacred abode that embodies spirituality, compassion, and service. Within the peeth’s premises, you will find a Gaushala Temple and an open center that welcomes all with open arms.


At Jalandhar Peeth, we believe in the power of community and provide a spiritual space where people can come together to immerse themselves in weekly kirtans, chanting the divine names and experiencing the blissful vibrations of devotional music.


Our peeth also extends its support to the underprivileged by offering the sacred space for holding marriage ceremonies free of cost. We believe in the sanctity of marriage and aim to contribute towards the happiness and unity of families in need.


The Gaushala at Jalandhar Peeth is lovingly maintained by local devotees who share their devotion and take care of the cows with utmost care and reverence. This serves as a sacred space for devotees to engage in seva and experience the purity and grace of these divine beings.


Furthermore, Jalandhar Peeth opens its arms wide to serve the local community in any way possible. Whether it is through various acts of seva or by offering assistance to those in need, our peeth is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of people in the vicinity.


Step into the spiritual realm of Sri Pundrik Maharaj Shri’s Jalandhar Peeth and experience the transformative power of devotion, community, and service. Join us as we create a haven of love, compassion, and spiritual growth, reaching out to the community and extending our hands in selfless service.