Welcome to the website of Ludhiana Peeth, a flourishing spiritual sanctuary initiated by Sri Pundrik Ji. Our peeth is a vibrant hub where devotees come together for soul-stirring kirtans, enlightening Vedic discussions, and a deep connection with the divine.


At Ludhiana Peeth, we count kripa in our MahamantraGaushala, a haven for gaumata that is lovingly maintained by our devoted community. We recognize the sacredness and significance of these gentle creatures, and our Gaushala serves as a compassionate space to nurture and care for them.


In addition to our spiritual practices, Ludhiana Peeth is committed to selfless service and making a positive impact on society. Our dedicated members actively engage in initiatives that provide medical and educational aid, uplifting the lives of those in need and fostering a spirit of compassion and kindness.


Join us at Ludhiana Peeth as we come together in devotion, service, and reverence for all living beings. Experience the transformative power of kirtans and Vedic discussions, immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of our Gaushala, and be part of a community that strives to create a harmonious world through prayer, service, and love.